Tweet Attacks - Total Twitter Marketing Domination

Alright, I've been using the Tweet Attacks software for a while now and WOW, this is the most amazing Twitter Software I have come across. I was going to create a whole new page just to tell people about it but I figure I would just update this one.

Tweet Attacks has pretty much enabled me to not only locate and get highly targeted followers but also it has enabled me to turn any Twitter account into a money making machine! That's a no BS Statement right there. I mean I tried it all before Tweet Attacks and this software just absolutely blows my mind at how amazing it is. I'm also getting highly targeted traffic to my offers and a click rate of over 50%, if that isn't impressive I don't know what else I can tell you. If you want to use Twitter for some serious marketing then you need to get Tweet Attacks!

WTF is Tweet Attacks??

Alright if you haven't heard about it already Tweet Attacks is one of the greatest pieces of software if not the greatest piece of software ever created for marketing on twitter. It completely takes the twitter API out of the equation by making tweets, following, unfollowing and messaging directly through the web. If you've ever had your account banned from using other twitter marketing software you'll understand how important that is in itself.

Not only does Tweet Attacks do everything through the web but it also completely changes twitter marketing. Everyone knows Twitter is some of the most random non targeted traffic you can get, but that's completely changed with Tweet Attacks. Tweet attacks will actually use the Twitter search to find people talking about your offers and then send them a message about one of your products, services offers or whatever you want to tweet at them, it's ridiculously powerful and has basically solved the problem of getting crappy untargetted traffic from twitter.

Why am I so excited about it?

Reading through this has probably already told you that I think it's amazing and I'm extremely excited about it, but why should I be?

Tweet Attacks completely blows the sh*t out of the competition. There's two versions of it, Tweet Attacks Lite & Tweet Attacks Pro. The lite version is $57 and does more and a better job than the POS software called Hummingbird that costs $97. So already it's cheaper and in my opinion way way way better than any competing software packages out there because it does everything through the web & not the twitter API. Heck there's even a free version of Tweet Attacks that will unfollow anyone that doesn't follow you back. I've used it to clean up all the clutter Hummingbird causes.

Tweet Attacks Features

    * Follow from users followers
    * Follow from users following
    * Follow from users lists
    * Follow users that mention keywords in their tweets
    * Unfollow users who don't follow you back (who doesn't need this feature?)
    * Unfollow users who don't follow you back after a certain number of days
    * Protect certain users from being unfollowed even if they don't follow you back
    * Use twitter's advanced search features including location and Geo targetting
    * Ignore users with no picture
    * Ignore tweets that contain links
    * Ignore tweets not posted from the web
    * Tweet Scheduling
    * Socialoomph integration
    * Tweet generator
    * Unlimited accounts
    * And a lot more

That's why I'm so excited about Tweet Attacks, I mean this really does completely change twitter marketing. I mean it even basically even has spam protection for your twitter accounts!!!